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Welcome to the Global Bishops And Apostles Episcopal Council

The Global Bishops and Apostles Episcopal Council is the “Covering” network for various local & regional networks in many different countries of the world. is a Kingdom based network of the Five-Fold Ministry, a divinely connected alliance, which allows us to work in Biblical order and divine authority to further God’s purposes in our world. & Ministerial Fellowship is a "Joint College of Archbishops, Bishops, Apostles, Independent Ministers and Churches as a means for fellowship and Training for churches & Christian leaders that have and or desire legitimate license, ordination, consecration to the sacred office of the Archbishopric Bishopric and confirmation and Affirmation of Apostles in the line of Apostolic Succession. We exist for the sole purpose of ordaining new ministers and Consecrate Archbishops, Bishops and Apostles into the Kingdom.